After the ministerial approval of offshore oil fields named Ombrina Mare, Elsa2 and Rospo Mare, more than five hundred people, along with local authorities, gathered in San Vito Marina, in the Community Center Zone 22, to discuss the possibilities to avert such disaster.

Here in Abruzzo, we have already chosen our future. Instead of the rigs, we want the coastal National Park, we want clean sea instead of oil, we aim at eco-sustainable economics. We believe that oil exploration and drilling in the Adriatic is just harmful, without any positive impacts either on environment or local economy. Moreover we believe the land and the sea are common heritage, and should not be spoilt by the financial giants, who would like to transform our region into a mining district.

We are truly concerned that Law Decree Sblocca Italia (Unblock Italy, valid from September 12, 2014) encourages privatization and capitalization in favour of big economic players, instead of supporting the local development.

Therefore, in many we decided to declare our discordance with the Sblocca Italia and mining projects in our territory.

In popular assemblies of March 29 in San Vito and 9 April in Lanciano were decided initiatives to be carried together in the coming months, the first of which was the construction of the great event “No croaker, Save the Adriatic” which held Saturday, May 23 from 15:00 to Lanciano.

At this time there is 482 confirmed official participating entities, including both Abruzzo and national comitees and organizations. There is still more people from all the corners of Italian peninsula joining our movement, which tells us one thing: the presence of oil drilling companies in the Adriatic is not locally, but nationally unwanted. The projects such as Ombrina, Elsa2 should be blocked not only because of their environmental impact, but also because of the democratic principles. We firmly and clearly expressed our disagreement on several occasions, starting with the great parade of 40 thousand people on 13 April 2013 in Pescara. Thus, the offshore oil exploration programme should be blocked not only because of its possible environmental impact, but also because of the democratic principles. The recent victory of the citizens over Forest Oil in Bomba gives us hopes that no battle is lost and that the community can indeed defeat the bullies who want to impose on a territory a future black oil. Let’s defend our sea now!


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